Chart house for Thanksgiving

Chart house for Thanksgiving


On Thanksgiving we went to the Chart House for dinner. For more than five decades Chart House customers been treated to extraordinary cuisine and spectacular views. The first Chart House open was in Aspen, Colorado. I had the filet mignon with mushroom sauce and a side of potatoes. It was very good. The meat was very soft and tender so much that you could cut through it with a butter knife. The mashed potatoes were filled with flavor they put in garlic cloves in it to have more flavor than a normal mashed potatoes. I also had the salad bar. It had many choices including caviar, fruit and even anchovies. I would recommend putting not too much caviar and not too many anchovies because they are very salty.



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  1. Hi Kayla, Thank You for your wonderful review of The Chart House for Thanksgiving. We enjoyed being with you for Thanksgiving and look forward to doing the same this Thanksgiving as I have made a reservation.

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