German for lunch

German for lunch


Today we went to a German restaurant called “Hollerbach’s Willow Tree” it was very good. I had the brat worst with sauerkraut and spaztele (egg noodles) and a big pretzel for an appetizer. It came with this German mustard and it was very good as well. The brat worst came with this broth it was also very good. The sauerkraut was not too Tangy and not too salty but just right. The pretzel came apart very easily that is what made it good. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to those who would like German cuisine.

The Willow Tree Café has been open since 2001, and it is a family owned restaurant, located in the heart to downtown Sanford.

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  1. I love this restaurant, too! Great food and nice people. They also have fun German music and dancing on some nights. This is a unique place that I plan to bring guests to my house when they visit Florida.

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